These two dated suites had been remodeled on multiple occasions. There was a mis-match of random wiring, plumbing, and HVAC terminations throughout the unit.

We took it back to the basics by correcting all the mechanical. We installed a new breaker panel in each suite along with wiring and terminations that meet or exceed building standards. HVAC vent work was full of dust and mildew. We removed it all and replaced it with new duct work and individual returns in every room.

We cut the concrete and relocated drain lines so that the hallway could be widened to make everything ADA compliant. Finally we installed finishes chosen by the tenant.

This entire project, merged two suites into one while allowing for them to be divided again in the future by simply sealing a door.

The seamless flow of colors and finishes make this a great working environment.

As icing on the cake we have 360 photos of the entire project in phases so if there is ever question of mechanical location, or structural questions, they are easy to find.

  • Demo
  • New Framing
  • New Rough Electrical
  • New Rough Plumbing
  • New Interior Paint
  • New Bathrooms
  • HVAC Updates
  • New Cabinets/Counters
  • New Floor/Base
  • More!

All work done by RepairPro