Professional Bathroom Rehab

A Go To Recipe For Bathroom Remodels

With a tried and true recipe for bathroom remodels, RepairPro can give your bathroom a face lift.

  • Waterproof, 20+ year warrantied flooring
  • Stylish and Simple Vanity (over top of flooring for each replacement)
  • LED Lightiing
  • Charming Beadboard
  • Maintenance Free Water Saving Toilet
  • Upgraded Mirror and Finishes
  • Tall Baseboard

We have a recipe and know what works best.

Why Upgrade a Bathroom?

A basic renovation includes materials like new floors, new chrome fixtures, a standard white toilet and a solid surface vanity counter. The finishes are functional and nice..

National average ROI: 70.1% (this means for ever $1 you spend your value increases by 70 cents).
Additionally renters will pay more for a upgraded bathroom, sometimes to the tune of several hundred dollars more. Second to the kitchen the bathroom is the most important place to upgrade to command top rent dollar. If you spend $3K on a new bathroom and increase rent by $100/month, that is 40% return on your investment every year!