About RepairPro

RepairPro is the maintenance and repair division of HIWA Inc. We specialize in basic home repair services that property owners may not have the time or knowledge to address. We also work with landlords and property management companies throughout Chico, providing turnover services and general maintenance on various properties.

For property owners that are interested in a larger project or property improvements. Repairpro's sister company, HIWA Builders, can pick up right where we leave off. If you are considering a remodel, custom build or ADU, simply put the request in here or visit hiwabuilders.com.

Meet the Team

Our team of trained professionals has many years of combined experience in general home repairs, commercial service, and construction trades. We value each and everyone of of our team members and the diverse skills they bring to our company!


Aj Fagan | Team Leader


Nestor Nava | HR & Accounting 


Tyler Wyatt | Project Manager 


Mike Coito | Project Manager


Jeff Kenney | Carpentry


Chris Edwards | Carpentry


Kelly Quinn | Maintenance & Carpentry


Clint Price | Maintenance & Plumbing 


Alex Rodriguez | Maintenance & Carpentry


Julian Hernandez | Maintenance

Our Mission

We know that the people around us, and the relationships that we have are the most important part of all our lives. Our homes, businesses, and properties should be warm and welcoming places that people want to be.

It is with this in mind that we have find what drives us:

Our mission is to assist owners, property managers, and real estate professionals with maximizing and maintaining their properties, eliminating the frustration that comes when things are in disrepair.

Our company was built by a real estate broker, and a property manager with the input from area investors to serve the needs that are mostly left unmet by contractors and traditional service companies.

629 W 4th St-12

What Sets Us Apart 

Our goal is to make value-add repairs that not only fix the problem but increase the value of the asset.

Our unique advantage is that we are a company with consistent availability and defined products and services. There is no need to call multiple vendors for various issues.

Our experienced staff along with partnering vendors provide everything needed to maintain a property with one phone call.

Our systemic approach enables online scheduling, work order management, and payment by the click of a mouse. This approach decreases the effort, and time  required by the customer to engage our services.


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