Here are a few projects. Our team has done extreme rehabs, new construction and property restoration.

Custom Gate Build

By Marilynn Holt | Jul 14, 2022

Our creative team designed and built this double-sided arched gate! Each of the panels on this gate can be moved simultaneously or independently of one another.     All work done by RepairPro

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ADU Build in the Avenues

By Marilynn Holt | Jun 24, 2022

Behind an apartment building, we built a 2 bedroom 1 bath ADU house. This parcel fronted the alley which provided easy access for parking and development. When completed, the property totaled 5 units and all have private fenced yards. Development took approximately 5 months from start to finish and rented for over $2,000/mo. Spray Foam…

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Kitchen Transformation in Chico

By RepairPro | Aug 23, 2021

This kitchen went from a confined space that was difficult to entertain in to a beautiful open space that will be used for family gatherings for years to come! This beautiful home was built by the owners grandparents. The kitchen was a tight space with old dark cabinets and a very low ceiling. The owners…

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Avenues Apartment | Complete Remodel

By Cameron Ford | Mar 26, 2021

We did a full rehab of this fourplex in the Avenues New HVAC Mini-splits with Heat Pump New Front Doors, Windows, Siding New Gutters, Exterior Paint New Metal Fencing and Landscape Add Defined Parking Area Added Dumpster to Replace 12 Roll Cans In the Remodeled Unit New Kitchen, Cabinets, Counters New Tankless Water Heater Add…

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Remodel Near Bidwell Park

By RepairPro | Nov 23, 2020

  We took this 2 bedroom home, without working HVAC, one working bathroom and nearly all original amenities to the studs and foundation to rehab it. We kept the roof, but outside of that and parts of the slab, everything was new, including walls, windows, etc. Full Demo to Studs Reframe All Walls (Interior/Exterior walls)…

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Commercial Medical Remodel/Build

By RepairPro | Aug 24, 2020

These two dated suites had been remodeled on multiple occasions. There was a mis-match of random wiring, plumbing, and HVAC terminations throughout the unit. We took it back to the basics by correcting all the mechanical. We installed a new breaker panel in each suite along with wiring and terminations that meet or exceed building…

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Classic Chico House Rehab

By RepairPro | Jul 6, 2020

After the tenants moved out, we rehabbed this classic chico 5 bedroom house New Interior Paint New Bathroom Finishes New Floor/Base More! All work done by RepairPro

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Fire Rehab

By RepairPro | May 21, 2020

After a electrical fire, we gutted the entire 1 bedroom 1 bath house to the studs and foundation to rehab it. All New Electrical (including service line and 220v) Spray Foam Insulated Ducted Mini-Split with Heat Pump Tankless Hot Water Heater New Kitchen/Granite New Interior/Exterior Paint New Bathroom New Floor/Base Added Laundry Closet All New…

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Cleaves | Full Exterior Repaint

By Skyler Ross | Feb 27, 2020

A full exterior paint for a stucco house. What a transformation!

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