High quality service is our top priority.

RepairPro is dedicated to providing superior maintenance and repair services, whatever they may be. Regardless of the service being provided, we handle each task with care and consideration.

Maintenance and Repair Services We Provide

Rekey and Lock Repair 

Our team is here to help you with your lock changes and rekeying needs.

Turn Over

Are you tired of scheduling, inspecting, budgeting and completing the necessary work that is needed for a turnover? If so, we offer full service turnovers so you don't have to worry about it. See our turn over checklist and services here.

For Property Managers & Landlords  

Are you a property manager or landlord looking for a repair company? RepairPro is set up for your convenience!

Haul Away 

We drop off our large dump trailer for you to fill up. Cost is $250/day for a 12 yard dumpster and includes one trip to the dump on your final day. There is a $75 minimum for dump loads.


Professional cleaning for your home, office, or turn over.

Appliance Repair

We specialize in dryers, washing machines, and dishwashers. We do not provide repair services to refigerator compressors.


RepairPro stocks a popular selection of vinyl click-lock flooring that is durable and has a 50 year residential warranty. Once we remove your old floor, we'll replace it with the new product. We will also provide repairs to existing floors where possible.

Escrow and Pest Inspection Repairs 

We will review your pest inspection reports and repair any agreed upon items including dry rot repairs.


We offer full-service painting, including basic touch ups to fill interior and exterior finishes.

Unit Rehab

We have a go-to recipe for unit rehabs and remodels with apreselected list of finishes for upgrading your unit.


Schedule maintenance and repair services online with ease. 

Our convenient customer portal allows you to request maintenance and repair services, view the status of a work order and make online payments. Gone are the days of being left in the dark about the maintenance or repair work being done. We'll keep you in the loop every step of the way.

schedule your maintenance and repair services online with ease.

Our Process

Our simple three-step process makes it easy to request work and see it through to completion.


First, submit your request online for work or an estimate. Once we recieve the request on our end, we'll take care of everything else from there. 


Email Confirmation

Next, we'll schedule the appropriate tech or tradesman and send you an email confirmation for your appointment or estimate.


Complete Work

We'll complete the work, or provide an estimate and send you an invoice via email for online payment.